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09001 Tomography of High-Energy Nuclear Collisions with Photon-Hadron Correlations 张汉中, J.F.Owens, 王恩科,王新年 Phys.Rev.Lett.,103- 032302
09002 Surface versus volume emissions in photon–hadron correlations 张汉中, J.F.Owens, 王恩科,王新年 Eur.Phys.J.C,61- 825
09003 Gamma-Jet Tomography of Quark-Gluon Plasma in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions 张汉中, J.F.Owens, 王恩科,王新年 Nucl.Phys.A,830-443c
09004 Jet-photon conversion with energy loss in heavy ion collisions 周丽娟,张本威,张汉中,王恩科 Chin.Phys.C,33-3-201
09005 Synthesis and characterization of ZnO/SiO2 core/shell nanocomposites and hollow SiO2 nanostructures 李飞, 黄新堂,刘罗园,江荫, 李真 Mater.Res.Bull.,44-437–441
09006 Self-Assembly of Bi2WO6 Square Nanoplates into Hierarchical Structures 李园园, 黄新堂, 刘金平,艾汉华 J;Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,9-2- 1530
09007 High surface area ZnO–carbon composite tubular arrays based on the Kirkendall effect and in situ Zn evaporation 丁瑞敏, 刘金平, 蒋健, 李园园, 胡英英, 纪晓旭, 池清波, 吴飞,黄新堂 Chem.Commun.,4548-4550
09008 Synthesis and characterization of PbS crystals via a solvothermal route 李飞, 黄新堂, 孔涛, 刘学勤,秦清华, 李真 Journal of Alloys and Compounds,485-554–560
09009 Preparation and characterization of ZnO nanospindles and ZnO@ZnS core@shell microspindles 李飞,毕文团,刘罗园, 李真, 黄新堂 Colloids and Surfaces A,334-160-164
09010 Structural and luminescent properties of ZnO nanorods and ZnO/ZnS nanocomposites 李飞, 江荫, 胡亮, 刘罗园, 李真,黄新堂 Journal of Alloys and Compounds,474-531-535
09011 Synthesis and optical properties of CuS nanoplate-based architectures by a solvothermal method 李飞, 孔涛, 毕文团, 李大昌, 李真, 黄新堂 Applied Surface Science,255-6285–6289
09012 Effect of sulfur sources on the crystal structure, morphology and luminescence of CdS nanocrystals prepared by a solvothermal method 李飞, 毕文团 孔涛, 王传金, 李真,黄新堂 Journal of Alloys and Compounds,479-707–710
09013 Direct growth of SnO2 nanorod array electrodes for lithium-ion batteries 刘金平,李园园,黄新堂,丁瑞敏,胡英瑛,蒋建,廖蕾 J.Materials Chemistry,19-13-1859-1864.
09014 Carbon/ZnO Nanorod Array Electrode with Significantly Improved Lithium Storage Capability 刘金平,李园园,丁瑞敏,蒋建,胡英英,姬晓旭,池清波,祝志宏,黄新堂 J.Phys.Chem.C,113-13-5336-5339.
09015 Carbon-decorated ZnO nanowire array: A novel platform for direct electrochemistry of enzymes and biosensing applications 刘金平,郭春显,李昌明,李园园,池清波,黄新堂,廖蕾, 于庭 Electrochemistry Communications,11-1-202-205
09016 Intrinsic noise in post-transcriptional gene regulation by small non-coding RNA 贾亚, 刘望恒, 李安帮,詹璇 Biophysical Chemistry ,143-60–69
09017 A constructive role of internal noise on coherence resonance induced by external noise in a calcium oscillation system 余光, 易鸣, 贾亚, 唐军 Chaos, Solitons and Fractals,41-273–283
09018 Effects of structural diversity and °uctuations on synchronization of coupled circadian oscillators 易鸣, 余光, 唐军, 马军, 贾亚 Biomedical Soft Computing and Human Sciences,14-1, 69-75
09019 Theoretical Study on Drift of Ca2+ Spiral Waves Controlled by Electric Field 唐军, 贾亚, 马军, 易鸣 Cmmun.Theo.Phys.,51-941–946
09020 Suppression of spiral wave and turbulence by using amplitude restriction
of variable in a local square area
马军, 贾亚, 易鸣, 唐军, 夏亚峰 Chaos, Solitons and Fractals,41-1331–1339
09021 Ca2+ spiral waves in a spatially discrete and random medium 唐军,杨利建,马军,贾亚 Eur Biophys J,38-1061–1068
09022 Noise effect on persistence of memory in a positive-feedback gene regulatory circuit 唐军, 杨利建, 马军, 贾亚 Phys.Rev.E,80-011907
09023 Thermal conductivity, Fermi pocket and superconductivity in underdoped cuprates 夏向军,Tai-Kai Ng Journal of Physics:Condensed Matter,21-115703
09024 Fabrication and photoluminescence properties of silicon nanowires with thin surface oxide layers 石峰,林靖, 黄阳 张军,唐成春 Mater.Chem.Phys.,118-125-128
09025 YAG:Ce3+ nano-sized particles prepared by precipitation technique H.M.H.Fadlalla ,唐成春 Mater.Chem.Phys.,114-99-102
09026 Solution-combustion synthesis of Tb3+-doped Y3Al5O12 nanoparticles H.M.H.Fadlalla, 唐成春, A.Elsanousi,丁晓夏, 祁守仁 J.Luminescence,129-401-405
09027 MC-CDMA上行链路盲多用户检测技术研究 王正强,李玲远,宋立新 通信技术,42-5-243
09028 PictOld Centrality-dependent direct photon p(t) spectra in Au + Au collisions at RHIC. 刘复明, Tetsufumi Hirano, Klaus Werner,朱燕 Phys.Rev.C,79-014905
09029 Elliptic flow of thermal photons in Au + Au collisions at s(NN)**(1/2) = 200-GeV 刘复明, Tetsufumi Hirano, Klaus Werner,朱燕 Phys.Rev.C,80-034905
09030 Jet quenching and direct photon production 刘复明, Tetsufumi Hirano, Klaus Werner,朱燕 J.Phys.G,36-064072
09031 Elliptic flow of thermal photons at midrapidity in Au+Au collisions at s(NN)**(1/2) = 200-GeV 刘复明, Tetsufumi Hirano, Klaus Werner,朱燕 Nucl.Phys.A,830-587C-590C
09032 A Systematic study on direct photon production from central heavy ion collisions 刘复明 , Klaus Werner J.Phys.G,36-035101.
09033 Thermal Charm Production At LHC C M Ko, 刘威,张本威 Acta Phys.Polon.B.Supp.,2008-1-69
09034 Jet Observables of Parton Energy Loss in High-energy Nuclear Collisions 张本威 Nucl.Phys.A,83-0259
09035 Light-cone wave function approach to open heavy flavor dynamics in QCD matter R Sharma, I Vitev,张本威 Phys.Rev.C,80-054902
09036 Direct Photon Production In D+A And A+ A Collisions At RHIC 张本威,I Vitev Mod.Phys.Lett.A,24-2649
09037 The theory and phenomenology of jets in nuclear collisions I Vitev,张本威,S Wicks Eur.Phys.J C,62-139
09038 Tripartite entanglement in quantum-beat lasers 李晓霞,胡响明 Phys.Rev.A,80-2-023815
09039 Laser oscillation and light entanglement via dressed-state phase-dependent electromagnetically induced transparency. 李景艳,胡响明 Phys.Rev.A,80-5-053829
09040 Enhancement of quantum correlations between Rabi sidebands via dressed population transfer 李景艳,胡响明 J.Phys.B,42-5-055501
09041 Steady State Entanglement and Saturation Effects in Correlated Spontaneous Emission Lasers 王飞, 胡响明, 石文星 Chin.Phys.Lett.,26-8-080303
09042 Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entanglement via nonlinear processes enhanced by electromagnetically induced transparency 程广玲,胡响明,钟文学 J.Phys.B,42-19-195503
09043 Three-mode entanglement and amplification in correlated spontaneous emission laser 石文星,胡响明,王飞 J.Phys.B,42-16-165506
09044 Science Education and Fostering of Critical Thinking in China 乔翠兰 Proc.ETT 2009,40148
09045 中美两套典型物理教材习题比较 秦艳,乔翠兰 物理教师,30-6-5
09046 里查德.麦基翁论通识教育 郭元祥,乔翠兰 复旦教育论坛,39996
09047 Transmission And Reflection Properties Of Composite Metamaterials In Free Space:
Experiments And Simulations
李敏华,杨河林,温定娥 Microwave Opt.Tech.Lett.,51-8-1865
09048 含有偏心球形微粒介质球的有效介电常量 杨河林,肖婷 大学物理,28-1-11
09049 平面分层介质的有效电磁参数 杨河林,程用志 大学物理,2009,Vol.28, No.12
09050 一种新型双频带电磁超介质吸波材料 普拉提?伊布拉音,程用志,杨河林 华中师范大学学报(自然科学板),43-4-
09051 An unconventional mode in dynamical screening regime of a complete –one-loop dispersion relation 刘绘,侯德富,李家荣 J.Phys.G,36-6-064064
09052 Oscillatory behavior of in-medium interparticle potential in hot gauge system with scalar bound states 刘绘,侯德富,李家荣 Cmmun.Theo.Phys.,51-6-1107
09053 Pion superfluidity and meson mass in the PNJL model with a finite isospin chemical potential 熊娟,金猛,李家荣 J.Phys.G,36-12-125005
09054 Non-abelian effects on wake potential in quark-gluon plasma 蒋冰峰,李家荣 Nucl.Phys.A,2010-832-1-100
09055 Statistical model analysis of K/π and p/π fluctuations in heavy-ion collisions 付菁华 Phys.Lett.B,679-209
09056 Event anisotropy v2 at STAR 施梳苏 Nucl.Phys.A,830-187c
09057 Exact analytical results for quantum walks on star graphs 徐新平 J.Phys.A,42-115205
09058 System-Size Independence of Directed Flow Measured at theBNL Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider STAR合作组,陈佳贇主要作者 Phys.Rev.Lett.,2008-101-252301
09059 Strange hadron(K0S , Lambda) elliptic flow from 200 GeV
Cu + Cu collisions
施梳苏 Proc.24th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics,2008
09060 Particle Production in Au+Au Collisions at Ecm=9.2GeV 陈佳贇 Proc.Of Science,CPOD 2009 047
09061 A new analysis of the ν2 fundamental band of H2O+ 郑锐, 李松, 侯顺永, 黄光明, 段传喜 Chin.Phys.B,2008-17-12-4485-4491
09062 Infrared diode laser spectroscopy of the He-N2O van der Waals complex in the 1285 cm-1 region 朱德生, 王瑞波, 郑锐, 黄光明, 段传喜 J.Mol.Spectrosc.,253-88-91
09063 A novel unconditionally stable PSTD method based on weighted laguerre polynomial expansion 林海 王高峰 梁峰 J.electromagnetic waves and applications,23-8-1011-1020
09064 An unconditionally stable wave equation PML algorithm for truncating FDTD simulation 梁峰 林海 王高峰 Microwave Opt.Tech.Lett.,51-4-1028-1032
09065 An unconditionally stable FDTD method based on wave equation 林海 王高峰 梁峰 Microwave Opt.Tech.Lett.,51-2-529-532
09066 Efficient unconditionally stable FDTD method for solving wave equation 林海 王高峰 陈小宇 Proc.2008 Asia pacific microwave conference,2008-978-1-4244-2642-3
09067 The perfectly matched layer boundary condition for unconditionally stable WE-FDTD method 林海 梁峰 王高峰 The 8th Int.Symp.on Antennas, propagation and EM theory proceedings,2008-909-912
09068 Mechanism of crossover between hadron gas and QGP and the liquid property of sQGP 许明梅,喻梅凌,刘连寿 Nucl.Phys.A,820-131c
09069 The second-order phase transition in the QCD phase diagram and a new approach for locating the critical point using RHIC low-energy-scan data 许明梅,喻梅凌,刘连寿 J.Phys.G,36-064041
09070 Critical phenomena in a disc-percolation model and their application to relativistic heavy ion collisions 柯宏伟,许明梅,刘连寿 Chin.Phys.C,33-10-854
09071 Characterizing variable for the critical point in momentum space 杜佳欣,柯宏伟,许明梅,刘连寿 Chin.Phys.C,33-8-655
09072 Liquid property of sQGP obtained from a bond percolation model with color con?nement 喻梅凌,许明梅,刘正猷,刘连寿 J.Phys.G,36-125001
09073 Model investigation on the probability of QGP formation at different centralities in relativistic heavy ion collisions 喻梅凌,许明梅,刘正猷,刘连寿 Phys.Rev.C,80-064908
09074 Critical behavior of a dynamical percolation model 喻梅凌,许明梅,刘正猷,刘连寿 Chin.Phys.C,33-7-552
09075 Separability of massive field equations for spin-0 and spin-1/2 charged particles in the general non-extremal rotating charged black holes in minimal five-dimensional gauged supergravity 吴双清 Phys.Rev.D,80-084009
09076 Separability of a modified Dirac equation in a five-dimensional rotating, charged black hole in string theory 吴双清 Phys.Rev.D,80-044037
09077 Symmetry operators and separability of the massive Dirac's equation in the general 5-dimensional Kerr-(anti-)de Sitter black hole background 吴双清 Class.Quantum Grav.,26-5-055001
09078 Extremal Kerr black hole/CFT correspondence in the five dimensional Godel universe 彭俊金,吴双清 Phys.Lett.B,673-3-216
09079 An elementary derivation of the five dimensional Myers-Perry metric 彭俊金 Gen.Rel.Grav.,41-1-147
09081 基于平衡正交多小波的MR图像去噪算法研究 张艳华,李玲远 通信技术,42-3-236
09082 Longitudinal boost invariance of the charge balance function in hadron-hadron and nucleus-nucleus collisions 李娜,李治明,吴元芳 Phys.Rev.C,80-064910
09083 Cosmogenic production as a background in searching for rare physics processes D.-M.Mei, 殷中宝, S.R.Elliott Astroparticle Physics,31-417
09084 Nuclear stopping and rapidity loss in Au+Au collisions at sqrt{s_NN}=62.4 GeV I.C.Arsene,等, 殷中宝, I.S.Zgura Phys.Lett.B,677-267
09085 An efficient isomap algorithm 秦婵婵,徐洪波,王丽华 Proc.14th Youth Conf.on Communication,354
09086 Synthesis of SnO2/Mg2SnO4 nanoparticles and their electrochemical performance for use in Li-ion battery electrodes 肖婷,唐一文,贾志勇,冯双龙 Electochimica Acta,54-2396
09087 CdSe nanocrystal sensitized ZnO core-shell nanorod array films: preparation and photovoltaic properties 唐一文,胡小艳,陈美娟,罗利娟,李必慧,张礼知 Electochimica Acta,54-2742
09088 Anodization, Precursor Route to Flowerlike Patterns Composed of Nanoporous Tin Oxide Nanostrips on Tin Substrate 冯双龙,唐一文,肖婷 J Phys Chem C,113-12-4809
09089 S+E96elf-Assembled 3D Flower-like Ni2+-Fe3+ Layered Double Hydroxides and Their Calcined Products 肖婷,唐一文,贾志勇,李大伟,胡小艳,李必慧,罗利娟 Nanotechnology,20-475603
09090 Room Temperature Fabrication of Single Crystal Nanotubes of CaSn(OH)6 through Sonochemical Homogenous Precipitation 贾志勇,唐一文,罗利娟,李必慧,王建波,郑赫 J.Colloid and Interface Science,334-2-202
09091 Structural Evolution of Hydrothermal-synthesized Ni(SO4)0.3(OH)104 Nanobelts During ex Situ Heat Treatment and in Situ Electron Irradiation 张珂,王建波,卢小莉,李露颖,唐一文,贾志勇 J Phys Chem C,113-1-142
09092 Nanocrystalline CdS/ZnO Thin Films: Fabrication and Application to Solar Cells 陈美娟,唐一文,李必慧,罗利娟 J;Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,9-2-1505
09093 The Controlled Synthesis of Single-crystalline CdCO3 Nanoparticles with Different Morphologies 贾志勇,唐一文,姜云,陈正华 J;Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,9-2-1593
09094 The Subleading Term of the Strong Coupling Expansion of the Heavy-Quark Potential in a N=4 Super Yang-Mills Vacuum 初少霞,侯德富,任海沧 JHEP ,0908-004.
09095 Higher Angular Momentum Mixing in a Non-spherical Color Superconductor with Time Reversal Invariance Violation 冯波, 侯德富, 任海沧 J.Phys.G,36-045005
09096 Melting Temperature of Heavy Quarkonium with the AdS/CFT Implied potential 侯德富,任海沧 J.Phys.G,36-064052
09097 Angular Momentum Mixing in Single Flavor Color Superconductivity with Transverse Pairing 冯波, 侯德富, 任海沧 Nucl.Phys.B,813-408-429
09098 Partition Function of a Wilson Loop in a Strongly Coupled N=4 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Plasma with Fluctuations 侯德富, James T.Liu, 任海沧 Phys.Rev.D,80-046007
09099 Numerical study of IP3-dependent Ca2+ spiral waves in Xenopus oocytes 唐军,贾亚,马军,易鸣 EPL,2008-83-6-68001
09100 Continuous opinion dynamics in complex networks 郭龙,蔡勖 Commun.Comput.Phys.,5-1045
09101 Bifurcation phenomena of opinion dynamics in complex networks 郭龙,蔡勖 Complex Sciences, LNICST,4-1146
09102 The fractal dimensions of complex networks 郭龙,蔡勖 Chin.Phys.Lett.,26-088901
09103 Opinion Dynamics of Sznajd Model on Small-World Network 郭龙,蔡勖 Commun.Comput.Phys.,6-586
09104 一种基于IoT控制的小区间功率控制方法 李中年,郑毅,王亚峰,杨大成 电子与信息学报,31-11-2703
09105 基于步态加速度的步态分析研究 刘蓉,黄璐,李少伟,刘毅 传感技术学报,22-6-893
09106 电信专业软件课程教学改革探索与实践 陈婷,刘蓉,陈晓琴 软件导刊,40047
09107 二维格子神经元网络中螺旋波的鲁棒性和破裂 马军, 唐军, 张爱华, 贾亚 中国科学G,39-12-1754
09108 大学物理课外作业批改和评价方式改革的实践出探 石丽华 朱宏雄 物理与工程,19-3
09109 Entropy and negativity of Fermi-reconance coupling vibrations in a spectroscopic Hamiltonian 侯喜文,万明芳,马中骐 Phys.Rev.A,79-022308
09110 Entropy correlation and entanglement for mixed states in an algebraic model 侯喜文,陈菁华,万明芳,马中骐 J.Phys.A,42-075301
09111 Entanglement dynamics in Coriolis coupled rovibrational states of formaldehyde 侯喜文,万明芳,马中骐 Opt.Commun.,282-3834
09112 Dynamical entanglement for Fermi coupled stretching and bending modes 侯喜文,成传明 Chin.Phys.B,18-7-2719-05
09113 Constraints on the nonuniversal Z-prime couplings from B --> pi K, pi K* and rho K Decays. 常钦,李新强,杨亚东 JHEP,05-056
09114 B(s) ---> K(*)- K(*)+, K(*)- pi+, K(*)- rho+ decays in R-parity violating supersymmetry 徐元国,王茹敏,杨亚东 Phys.Rev.D,79-095017
09115 Rare decay pi0 ---> e+ e- as a sensitive probe of light CP-odd Higgs in NMSSM 常钦,杨亚东, Phys.Lett.B,676-88
09116 Studying Double Charm Decays of B(u,d) and B(s) Mesons in the MSSM with R-parity Violation C.S.Kim,王茹敏,杨亚东 Phys.Rev.D,79-055004
09117 Leptonic, Semileptonic D(Ds) decays and CKM matrix elements 杨亚东 Int.J.Mod.Phys.A,24-521
09118 Rare and forbidden charm decays 李海波,杨亚东 Int.J.Mod.Phys.A,24-673
09119 The newly born magnetars powering gamma-ray burst internal-plateau emission: are there strange stars? 俞云伟,操小凤,郑小平 The Astrophysical Journal,706-L221
09120 Long-term evolution and gravitational wave radiation of neutron stars with differential rotation induced by r-modes 俞云伟,操小凤,郑小平 Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics,9-1024
09121 Optical and gamma-ray emissions from internal forward-reverse shocks: application to GRB 080319B? 俞云伟,王祥玉,戴子高 The Astrophysical Journal,692-1662
09122 X-ray and high-energy flares from late internal shocks of gamma-ray bursts 俞云伟,戴子高 The Astrophysical Journal,692-133
09123 MR Image De-nosing Study Based Multiwavelet 李玲远,张艳华,王正强 SOPO2009,
09124 Image denoising study based on balanced multiwavelet 李玲远, 王正强,宋立新 MIPPR 2009,535-540
09125 实际室内信道DS-CDMA UWB系统盲多用户检测技术研究 王正强,李玲远,程兴国,宋立新 华中师范大学学报,43-3-416
09126 Imaging source with Gaussian proper time distribution 陈丽珠,柯宏伟,吴元芳 Chin.Phys.C,33-8-661-665
09127 Two-particle azimuthal angle correlations and azimuthal charge balance function in relativistic heavy ion collisions 黄燕萍,李娜,杜佳欣,李治明,吴元芳 Phys.Rev.C,79-5-054912
09128 An explorer for the shear viscosity in the formed matter at the RHIC 王美娟,里霖,刘连寿,吴元芳 J.Phys.G,36-6-064070
09129 Trace initial interaction from final state observable in relativistic heavy ion collisions 王美娟,刘连寿,吴元芳 Chin.Phys.C,33-1-36-41
09130 Locating the critical point of QCD phase transition by finite-size scaling 吴元芳,陈丽珠,陈晓松 5th International Workshop on Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement - CPOD 2009,036
09131 Visible-light energy storage of Ti3+ in TiO2/Cu2O bilayer film 熊良斌,欧阳明路,闫丽丽,李家麟,邱明强,余颖 Chemistry Letters,38-12-1154
09132 Cu2O纳米阵列的铜阳极氧化法制备及其光催化杀菌性能研究 闫丽丽,王艳, 熊良斌,李家麟,枼浩然,王保强,余颖1 无机化学学报,25-11-1960
09133 Template-free synthesis of BiVO4 nanostructures: (Ⅱ) relationship between various morphology for monoclinic BiVO4 and their photocatalytic property for the degradation of organic pollutants under visible light 任璐,马丽丽,邱明强,余颖 Nanotechnology,20-405602
09134 Controllable synthesis of self-assembled Cu2S nanostructures through a templatefree polyol process for the degradation of organic pollutant under visible light 彭梦,马丽丽,张永刚,谭銘,王建波,余颖 Mater.Res.Bull.,44-1834
09135 Template-free synthesis of BiVO4 nanostructures: (Ⅰ) nanotubes with hexagonal cross sections by oriented attachment and their photocatalytic property for water splitting under visible light 任璐,金磊,王建波,杨帆,邱明强,余颖 Nanotechnology,20-115603
09136 Assembly of multi-functional nanocomponents on periodic nanotube array for biosensors 余颖,蔡东等 Micro Mano Letters,4-1-27
09137 Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic properties of ZnO-coated multi-walled carbon nanotubes 朱路平,廖桂红,黄文雅,马丽丽,杨阳,余颖,付少云 Mater.Sci.Eng.B,163-194
09138 Energy storage in bifunctional TiO2 composite materials under UV and visible light 熊良斌,李家麟,余颖 Energies,2-1009
09141 Determination of Landau Fermi-liquid parameters of strongly interacting fermions by means of a nonlinear scaling transformation 陈继胜 J.Stat.Mech.,8-L08002
09142 Thermodynamic stability of interacting fermions system with matrix eigenvalue method 覃昉,陈继胜 Chin.Phys.B,18-7-2654
09143 Comparative study of the finite-temperature thermodynamics of a unitary Fermi gas 覃昉,陈继胜 Phys.Rev.A,79-4-043625
09144 Three-dimensional correlated-fermion phase separation from analysis of the geometric mean of the individual susceptibilities 陈继胜,覃昉,王艳萍 Science in China Series G,52-9-1324
09145 Interference-induced enhancement of field entanglement from an intracavity three-level V-type atom 谭华堂,夏洪星,李高翔 Phys.Rev.A,79- 063805
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