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08001 Surface Emission of Quark Gluon Plasma at RHIC and LHC 向文昌,万仁卓,周代翠 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-11-3912
08002 Effects of dipole-dipole interaction on entanglement transfe 郭红,熊恒娜 Chin.Phys.B,2008-17-3-971
08003 关联规则在学生评教中的应用 胡燕妮,刘时进 软件导刊,2008-9-156
08004 Non-leptonic Weak Interaction with Quark Matter in Magnetic Field 周霞,郑小平 高能物理与核物理,2007-31-11-1003
08005 On the origin of power-law distributions in self-organized criticality from random walk treatment 操小凤,邓宗伟,杨纯斌 Comm.Theo.Phys.,2008-49-249
08006 Particle production at RHIC from quark recombination 杨纯斌 Int.J Mod.Phys.E,2007-16-10-3148
08007 Examining the Crossover from the Hadronic to Partonic Phase in QCD 许明梅,喻梅凌,刘连寿 Phys.Rev.Lett.,2008-100-092301
08008 A Measure for Isotropy-Equilibrium Degree of a Multi-Particle System 刘智青,李润泽,许明梅,刘连寿 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-2-447
08009 Entropy and equilibrium property of QCD-instanton induced final state in deep-inelastic scattering 邓为炳,陆丁,张纪英,许明梅,B.Levchenko,刘连寿 Chin.Phys.C,2008-32-1-13
08010 An Empirical Study Of Boosted Neural Network For Particle Classification In High Energy Collisions 喻梅凌,刘连寿 Int.J Mod.Phys.A,2007-22-6-1201
08011 Energy dependence of L′evy stability and multi-fractal spectrum in e+e? collisions 陈刚,李凯迪,刘连寿 Eur.Phys.J A,2008-37-227
08012 Phase transition of a one-dimensional Ising model with distance-dependent connections 常云峰,孙亮,蔡勖 Phys.Rev.E,2008-76-021101
08013 Simulation Studies Of Trigger Decision
Criterion For The Alice/Phos
王亚平,蔡勖 Int.J Mod.Phys.E,2007-16-7-2407
08015 Collision geometry and particle production in high energy heavy ion collision experiments 王亚平,周代梅,黄瑞典,蔡勖 Chin.Phys.C,2008-32-4-308
08016 Track matching study from TPC to PHOS in ALICE 万仁卓,徐春成,周代翠,殷中宝 Chin.Phys.C,2008-32-8-620
08017 Study of the photon identification efficiency with ALICE photon spectrometer 毛亚显,周代翠,徐春成,殷中宝 Chin.Phys.C,2008-32-7-543
08018 Ξ ˉK interaction in a chiral quark model 王文玲,黄飞,张宗烨,刘峰 J.Phys.G,2008-35-085003
08019 Determination of Orientations in Deformed U–U Collisions at 0.52 GeV/u 吴科军,谢菲,周铀,刘峰,许怒 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-9-3204
08020 Some Discussions Inspired By The Fluctuation Of Single-Event Pt Distribution 许明梅,刘连寿 Int.J Mod.Phys.E,2007-16-10-3323
08021 A model of nuclear recoil scintillation efficiency in noble liquids D.-M.Mei ,殷中宝,L.C.Stonehill,A.Hime Astroparticle Physics,2008-30-12
08022 Rapidity And Azimuthal Correlation Patterns In Nucleon-Nucleon And Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions At Ps = 200 Gev 王美娟,吴元芳 Int.J Mod.Phys.E,2007-16-10-3379
08023 Self-organized TiO2 nanotubes with controlled dimensions by anodic oxidation A.Elsanousi,张军,H.Fadlalla,张峰,王辉,丁晓夏,黄致新,唐成春 J Materials Science,2008-43-22-7219
08024 Self-Assembled 3-D Architectures of BiOBr as a Visible Light-Driven Photocatalyst 张军,石峰军,林靖,陈东风,高建明,黄致新,丁晓夏,唐成春 Chem.Mater,2008-20-9-2937
08025 Nanoparticles assembly of boehmite nanofibers without a surfactant 张军,石峰军,林靖,魏思仪,陈东风,高建明,黄致新,丁晓夏,唐成春 Materials Research Bulletin,2008-43-7-1709
08026 MIMO下行链路中的多用户调度与功率分配 徐洪波,王俊 计算机工程与应用,2008-44-28-119
08027 多用户MIMO系统的低复杂度天线选择算法 王俊,徐洪波,王丽华 计算机工程与应用,2008-44-5-174
08028 基于准交空时分组码的发送天线选择算法 骆家骥,王俊,汤宏超 通信技术,2008-41-1-43
08029 PictOld 空时编码的多用户MIMO系统用户调度性能分析 徐洪波,王俊,骆家骥,刘勇 通信技术,2008-41-5-44
08030 异构系统中基于策略的一种小区选择方法 汤宏超,徐洪波 通信技术,2007-40-12-319
08031 交织OFDMA频偏估计 王俊,康瑞 电子测量技术,2008-31-4-83
08032 MC-CDMA系统基于小波变换的多用户检测 陈皓,徐洪波,康瑞 电子测量技术,2008-31-1-121
08033 Punch-through jets in A+A collisions at RHIC/LHC 张汉中,J.F.Owens,王恩科,王新年 J.Phys.G,2008-35-10-104067
08034 Heavy-ion collisions at the LHC-Last call for predictions 张汉中,王恩科,王新年等 J.Phys.G,2008-35-5-10-054001
08035 A NLO analysis on azimuthal anisotropy of high p(T) hadron in heavy-ion collisions 张汉中,王恩科 Int.J Mod.Phys.E,2007-16-10-3185
08036 生物钟基因网络中分子噪声诱导的日夜节律振荡及相干共振 易鸣,贾亚,刘泉,詹璇 物理学报,2008-57-1-621
08037 RyR channels and glucose-regulated pancreatic b-cells 詹璇,杨利建,易鸣,贾亚 Eur.Biophys.J ,2008-37-6-773
08038 Critical condition for the occurrence of a noise-reduction effect 易鸣,贾亚,马军,唐军,余光,李家荣 Phys.Rev.E,2008-77-022902
08039 Theoretical study of mesoscopic stochastic mechanism and effects of finite size on cell cycle of fission yeast 易鸣,贾亚,唐军,詹璇,杨利建,刘泉 Physica A,2008-387-323
08040 Multiplicative-noise-induced coherence resonance via two different mechanisms in bistable neural models 唐军,贾亚,易鸣,马军,李家荣 Phys.Rev.E,2008-77-6-061905
08041 Coupling Effect of Ion Channel Clusters on Calcium Signaling 唐军,贾亚,易鸣,马军,余光 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-3-1149
08042 Numerical study of IP3-induced Ca2+ spiral pattern evolution 唐军,马军,易鸣,贾亚 Chin.Phys.B,2008-17-11-4100
08043 Numerical study of IP3-dependent Ca2+ spiral waves in Xenopus oocytes 唐军,贾亚,马军,易鸣 Europhys.Lett.,2008-83-68001
08044 Breakup of Spiral Waves in Coupled Hindmarsh-Rose Neurons 马军,贾亚,唐军,杨利建 Chin.Phys.Lett.,008-25-12-4325
08044 Breakup of Spiral Waves in Coupled Hindmarsh-Rose Neurons 马军,贾亚,唐军,杨利建 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-12-4325
08045 The instability of the spiral wave induced by the deformation of elastic excitable media 马军,贾亚,王春妮,李世荣 J.Phys.A,2008-41-38-385105
08046 Sub-half-wavelength localization of a two-level atom via trichromatic phase manipulation 徐俊,李茜,闫文超,陈向东,胡响明 Phys.Lett.A,2008-372-6032
08047 Directed flow of identified particles from Au+Au collisions at RHIC 陈佳赟 J.Phys.G,2008-35-044072
08048 A Tight and Closed Capacity bound for Joint Transmit and Receive Antenna Selection Systems 田原 11th IEEE Int.Conf.Communication Technology Proceedings,2008-12-323
08049 Statistical interpretation of multiplicity distributions and forward-backward 付菁华 Phys.Rev.C,2008-77-027902
08050 Net charge fluctuation as a measure of local charge conservation 付菁华 Int.J Mod.Phys.E,2007-16-10-3339
08051 多用户MIMO-CDMA系统下行链路设计及MATLAB仿真 陈绪君,胡君红 移动通信,2008-37-11
08052 基于TMS320C6701 EVM的MIMO 2x2系统 陈绪君,刘守印 计算机工程,2008-34-9-254
08053 The virial equation of state for unitary fermion thermodynamics with non-Gaussian correlations 陈继胜,李家荣,王艳萍,夏向军 J Statistical Mechanics,2008-12-12008
08053 The virial equation of state for unitary fermion thermodynamics with non-Gaussian correlations 陈继胜,李家荣,王艳萍,夏向军 J Statistical Mechanics,2008-12-12008
08054 Dispersion relation of excitation mode in strongly interacting fermions matter 王艳萍,陈继胜 Chin.Phys.B,2008-17-12-4401
08054 Dispersion relation of excitation mode in strongly interacting fermions matter 王艳萍,陈继胜 Chin.Phys.B,2008-17-12-4401
08055 General non-extremal rotating chargedGodel black holes in minimal five-dimensional gauged supergravity 吴双清 Phys.Rev.Lett.,2008-100-12-121301
08056 Separability of massive Dirac's equation in 5-dimensional Myers-Perry black hole geometry and its relation to a rank-three Killing-Yano tensor 吴双清 Phys.Rev.D,2008-78-064052
08057 Anomalies,effective action and Hawking temperatures of a Schwarzschild black hole in the isotropic coordinates 吴双清,彭俊金,赵展岳 Class.Quant.Grav.,2008-25-13-135001
08058 Covariant anomalies and Hawking radiation from charged rotating black strings in anti-de Sitter spacetimes 彭俊金,吴双清 Phys.Lett.B,2008-661-4-300
08059 Hawking radiation from the Schwarzschild black hole with a global monopole via gravitational anomaly 彭俊金,吴双清 Chin.Phys.B,2008-17-3-825
08060 Covariant anomaly and Hawking radiation from the modified black hole in the rainbow gravity theory 彭俊金,吴双清 Gen.Rel.Gravit.,2008-40-12-2619
08061 Dirac particles' tunnelling from black rings 蒋青权 Phys.Rev.D,2008-78-044009
08062 Fermions tunnelling from GHS and non-extremal D1-D5 black holes 蒋青权 Phys.Lett.B,2008-666-517
08063 Hawking radiation of Dirac particles via tunnelling from rotating black holes in de Sitter spaces 陈德友,蒋青权,祖小涛 Phys.Lett.B,2008-665-106
08064 Fermions tunnelling from the charged dilatonic black holes 陈德友,蒋青权,杨树政,祖小涛 Class.Quant.Grav.,2008-25-20-205022
08065 A new analysis of the ν2 fundamental band of H2O+ 郑锐,李松,侯顺永,黄光明,段传喜 Chin.Phys.B,2008-17-12-4485
08065 A new analysis of the ν2 fundamental band of H2O+ 郑锐,李松,侯顺永,黄光明,段传喜 Chin.Phys.B,2008-17-12-4485
08066 Mid-infrared diode laser spectroscopy of SO+ 李松,郑锐,黄光明,段传喜 J Mol.Spectrosc.,2008-252-22
08067 Infrared laser spectroscopy of the ν2 fundamental band of D2O+ 段传喜,郑锐,李松,王瑞波,黄光明 J Mol.Spectrosc.,2008-251-22
08068 Quantum-beat lasers as bright sources of entangled sub-Poissonian light 胡响明,邹金花 Phys.Rev.A,2008-78-045801
08069 Trichromatic phase dependence of squeezing in resonance fluorescence 胡响明,张雪华 Phys.Rev.A,2008-77-063809
08070 Two-channel interaction of squeeze-transformed modes with dressed atoms Entanglement enhancement in four-wave mixing in three-level systems 程广玲,胡响明,钟文学,李茜 Phys.Rev.A,2008-78-033811
08071 Sub-half-wavelength atom localization via coherence-controlled resonance fluorescence 沈文炳,胡响明,徐俊 J.Phys.B,2008-41-185502
08072 Entangled atomic state generation via adiabatic evolution of dark eigenstates in cavity QED 邹金花,胡响明 Opt.Communi.,2008-281-5067
08073 Entangled Radiation through an Atomic Reservoir Controlled by Coherent Population Trapping 李茜,钟文学,胡响明 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-9-3234
08074 Concentration of Unknown Atomic Entangled States via Entanglement Swapping through Raman Interaction 邹金花,胡响明 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-9-3142
08075 Scalable Generation of Cluster State for Multiple Hot Trapped Ions 程广玲,胡响明 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-1198
08076 Sub-Half-Wavelength Atom Localization Based on Phase-Dependent Electromagnetically Induced Transparency 龚成,胡响明,彭延东 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-505
08077 Strong Correlation and Anticorrelation via Phase-Dependent Coherent Population Trapping 彭延东,胡响明,龚成 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-493
08078 非旋波耦合条件下微波控制的光学双稳与多稳 李晓奇,王剑,王飞,胡响明 物理学报,2008-57-2236
08079 Discrepancies in the resonance-fluorescence spectrum calculated with two methods 徐清,胡响明,尹建武 Phys.Rev.A,2008-78-013407
08080 Ultrasharp lines without the rotating wave approximation 徐清,胡响明,尹建武 J.Phys.B,2008-41- 145505
08081 Highly monochromatic fluorescence via simulation of vacuum-induced coherence 徐清,尹建武,胡响明 Eur.Phys.J D,2008-47-271
08082 Phase control of fluorescence quenching and line narrowing 徐清,胡响明,尹建武 J.Phys.B,2008-41-035503
08083 Pseudorapidity and transverse momentum dependence of charge balnce in Au-Au collisions at 200 GeV 李治明、李娜、刘连寿、吴元芳 Int.J Mod.Phys.E,2007-16-10-3347
08084 Rapidity dependence of charge fluctuations and correlations in hadronic and nuclear collisions 冯傲奇、李娜、付菁华、吴元芳 Int.J Mod.Phys.A,2007-22-16-2709
08085 Inhomogeneous pairing condensates in asymmetric nuclear matter 金猛,贺连一,庄鹏飞 Int.J Mod.Phys.E,2007-16-7-2363
08086 KˉN scattering in chiral constituent quark model 黄飞,王文玲,张宗烨 Int.J Mod.Phys.A,2008-23-20-3057
08088 Coherent exciton transport on scale-free networks 徐新平,刘峰 New Journal of Physics ,2008-10-123012
08089 Continuous-time quantum walks on Erdos-Renyi networks 徐新平,刘峰 Phys.Lett.A,2008-372-6727
08090 Phase-space patterns of quantum transport on ordered and disordered networks 徐新平,刘峰 Phys.Rev.A,2008-77-062318
08091 Continus-time quantum walks on one-dimensional regular networks 徐新平 Phys.Rev.E,2008-77-061127
08092 Coherent transport on apollonian networks and continues-time quantum walks 徐新平,李炜,刘峰 Phys.Rev.E,2008-78-052103
08093 First measurements of J/Ψ decays into Σ+Σ- and Ξ0Ξ-0 徐新平(BES Collaboration) Phys.Rev.D,2008-78-092005
08094 Measurements of J/Ψ and Ψ(2S) decays into ΛΛ-π0 and ΛΛ-η 徐新平(BES Collaboration) Phys.Rev.D,2008-76-092003
08096 Thermal Evolution of Strange Stars 周霞、王灵芝、周爱芝 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific,2007-119-1367
08097 Partonic effect on anisotropic flows of Ω baryon for Au+Au at 62.4 and 200 GeV/c Zuo J.X,陈佳赟.et.al Eur.Phys.J C ,2008-55-3-463
08098 Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 nanostructures 夏晓红,梁英,王忠,范军,罗永松,贾志杰 Materials Research Bulletin,2008-43-2187
08099 Transmission Properties of Composite Metamaterialsin Free Space 李敏华,杨河林,黄琼 2008 8th Int.Symp.on
Antennas,Propagation and EM Theory,008-8262
08099 Transmission Properties of Composite Metamaterialsin Free Space 李敏华,杨河林,黄琼 2008 8th International Symposium on
Antennas,Propagation and EM Theory
08100 Investigation on EM Scattering by Double-Layered
Cylinder with Left-Handed Material
肖婷,杨河林,李敏华 2008 8th Int.Symp.on
Antennas,Propagation and EM Theory,2008-822
08100 Investigation on EM Scattering by Double-Layered
Cylinder with Left-Handed Material
肖婷,杨河林,李敏华 2008 8th International Symposium on
Antennas,Propagation and EM Theory
08101 Theoretical study of the effective permittivity of the nanowire mesh electromagnetic crystal 古丽娟,杨河林,肖婷 2008 2nd IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conference 2008,2008-1182
08102 Theoretical study of the optical scattering and aborption behavior of sphereical nanopaticles 肖婷,杨河林,李敏华,曾繁清 2008 2nd IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conference,2008-1218-716
08103 Research on absorption spectrum of highly pured and soluble single wall Carbon Nanotubes 肖婷,杨河林,李敏华,曾繁清 2008 2nd IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conference,2008-331
08104 均匀有耗涂层目标的电磁散射分析 温定娥,杨河林 微波学报,2008-24-3-14
08105 几种研究N+(3 P)+ H2一NH++H 反应动力学性质的方法 王新兴,董光兴,杨河林,孙桂华 华中师范大学学报(自然科学版),2008-42-2-220
08106 非同心介质球壳内外的电场分布 肖婷,杨河林 高等函授学报(自然科学版),2008-22-1-13
08107 Based on campus net's security policy discussion 王建中,吕莉 Int.Symp. on Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling (KAM 2008) ,2008-12-366
08108 老仪器新用途 王佑璋,王建中 中国教育技术装备,2008-18-68
08109 利用声音传感器测量重力加速度 许红,王建中 物理实验,2008-28-2-17
08110 高中学生学习风格调查研究 吴慧玲,王建中,龚彪 高等函授学报社会科学版,2008-22-9-11
08111 能量法测量声波多普勒效应 石猛,王建中 高等函授学报自然科学版,2008-22-6-
08112 学习风格与中学物理教学 吴慧玲,王建中 大学物理教育专刊,2008-20-5-34
08113 增强计算机应用能力提高大学物理教学质量 王建中,高明向,余兰山 大学物理教育专刊,2008-20-4-95
08114 高师物理研究型实验模式研究 王建中,余兰山,周宗运 第五届物理实验会议论文集,2008-10-208
08115 Pulfrich深度效应中知觉深度的测量 王建中,高闯,许红 生物化学与生物物理进展,2007-34-增刊2-134
08116 明度知觉的时间信息整合 高闯,陈斌,王建中,魏嶶 生物化学与生物物理进展,2007-34-增刊2-95
08117 运动对颜色信息整合的影响源于眼动 汪亮,邱锦辉,张国,王建中,杨仲乐 中南民族大学学报,2007-26-3-54
08118 光电导效应及其应用探究 彭文胜,王建中 高等函授学报自然科学版,2007-21-6-32
08119 在中学物理教育中渗透物理思想教育 许红,王建中 高等函授学报自然科学版,2007-21-3-16
08121 Correlations and fluctuations in high energy heavy ion collision experiments 周代梅,王亚平,韦利华,蔡勖 Chin.Phys.C,2008-32-5-400
08122 Theoretical analysis for the apparent discrepancy between pˉp and pp data in charged particle forward–backward multiplicity correlations 严玉良,董宝国,周代梅,李笑梅,萨本豪 Phys.Lett.B,2008-660-478
08123 Collective expansion and hadronization in high energy heavy ion collision experiments 王亚平,周代梅,蔡勖 Chin.Phys.C,2008-32-9-714
08124 The key role of shortcuts of small-world network in opinion formation 郭龙,蔡勖 Int.J Mod.Phys.C,2008-19-6-867
08125 Effects of complex system structure and external field in opinion formation 郭龙,蔡勖 Int.J Mod.Phys.C,2007-18-10-1583
08126 The evolution of opinions on scale-free networks 郭龙,常云峰,蔡勖 Front.Phys.China ,2006-4-506
08127 The macro-behavior of agents’ opinion on complex network 郭龙,蔡勖 DCDIS B增刊,2007-14-63
08128 Quantum entanglement and normal-to-local transition in molecules H2S 刘大明,彭东平,侯喜文 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-4-1263
08129 Degree and weighted properties of the directed China railway network 郭龙,蔡勖 Int.J Mod.Phys.C,2008-19-1909
08129 Degree and weighted properties of the directed China railway network 郭龙,蔡勖 Int.J.Mod.Phys.C,2008-19-1909
08130 Micro-canonical pentaquark production in e+e- and pp collisions 刘复明,Klaus Wernerb Nucl.Phys.B,2008-(Proc.Suppl.)-175-58
08131 Rare decays B+(u) ---> pi+ l+ l-,rho+ l+ l- B0(d) ---> l+ l- in the R-parity violating supersymmetry. 王建军,王茹敏,徐元国,杨亚东 Phys.Rev.D,2008-77-014017
08132 Revisiting B ---> piK,piK* and rho K Decays: Direct CP Violation and Implication for New Physics 常钦,李新强,杨亚东 JHEP,2008-09-038
08133 Matlab语言的Neural Network Toolbox及其在同步中的应用 田原 现代电子技术,2008-20-156
08134 Maximum path information and Fokker-Planck equation 李炜,王秋平,A.L.Mehaute Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-4-1165
08135 Message Spreading and Forget–Remember Mechanism on a Scale-Free Network 李炜,辜娇,蔡勖 Chin.Phys.Lett.,2008-25-6-2303
08136 The effect of forget-remember mechanism on spreading 辜娇,李炜,蔡勖 Eur.Phys.J B,2008-62-247
08137 Empirical analysis of a scale-free railway network in China 李炜,蔡勖 Physica A,2007-382-693
08138 Cluster Behavior of financial markets model on scale-free networks 江健,李炜,蔡勖 Physica A,2008-387-528
08139 Possible canonical distributions for finite systems with nonadditive energy 欧从杰,李炜等 Physica A,2008-387-23-5761
08140 师范特色教学的探索及思考 石丽华 华东理工大学学报,2008-34-增-82
08141 Shape-controlled Synthesis of Single-crystalline CdCO3 and Corresponding Porous CdO Nanostructures 贾志勇,唐一文,罗利娟,李必慧 Crystal Growth & Design,2008-8-7-2116
08142 碳纳米管改性的无机-有机水性富锌涂料的制备及性能研究 徐亮,唐一文,龚书生,陈正华,冯双龙 腐蚀与防护,2008-29-6-309
08143 碳纳米管改性的无机-有机水性富锌底漆的空蚀行为 唐一文,徐亮,陈正华,冯双龙,龚书生 武汉大学学报(理学版),2008-54-1-51
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